Udlærte til Stævner

Træf m. Niels Poulsen 2019

Cooler Than Cool

Stay With Me

Half Past Tipsy


Sinding Weekendtur 2019

Yvonna: Naughty But Nice og Heaven Sent

Lisbeth: Half a Shot of Tequila

Inge: Baby Come Back og Only Human og Circles

Lene: Sunshine ( stepsheet på vej )

Begynder Træf m. Inge Vestergård 2019

New Eyes

Country Night 2018

Tequila Surprise

Who Needs Mexico

Pizzadans 29/12-2018

Graffiti Baby


Træf m. Vibeke Thers 27/10-2018

Right Now

No Promises – Easy

Out of Our Heads

Begynder Træf m. Inge Vestergård 2018

Waiting for the Summer – Easy

Born to Love

On the Loose

Begynder Hygge Aften 2018

Sweet Hurt From You


Country Night 2018

I Won’t Back Down

No Panic

Træf m. Vibeke Thers 28/10-2017

A Complete Change

Nothing Ever Hurt Like You – Easy

Summer Sway

Træf m. Inger H. Andersen & Niels Poulsen 13/5-2017

True Believer

In The Cheap Seats

Kissing Strangers

Funk It Up

Begynder Hygge Aften 3/2-2017

Don’t Look For Love

Pink Champagne – Easy

Country Night 20/1-2017

Any Other Way


Juleafslutning 8/12-2016

Christmas Time

Beg./Letøvet Træf m. Niels Poulsen 5/11-2016

Vegas Baby

Rocket to the Sun

My Middle Name

Træf m. Simon Ward og Niels Poulsen 11/6-2016

I Know A Guy

Harden Up Princess

Walk Of Shame

Maybe Tomorrow

The Queen

Hyggedans i Sunds 3/4-2016

Well Do Ya?  – Kim Ray

Tougher Than That  – Dee Musk

Under the Moon of Love  – Rachel McEnaney-White

Try Everything  – Lynn Card

Begynder Træf 12/3-2016

Stop Staring At My Eyes  Video

3 AM  Video

Improver Night 22/1-2016
Sugar Cube  Video
The Bite  Video  
Country & High Heels  Video

Juleafslutning 10/12-2015
Everything to Us Video