Udlærte til Stævner

Træf m. Niels Poulsen 2023


Forårs Træf 2023


Begynder Hygge Aften m. Inge Vestergård 2023


Country Night m. Tina Ottosen 2023

We Did

3 Shots of Whiskey

Get In or Get Out

Træf m. Niels Poulsen 2022

Blinded by Beauty

Do It With Style

1 + 1


Begynder Hygge Aften m. Rikke Aaris Sylvestersen 2022

All of it All

Most People – Easy

Are Your Fingers Crossed

Country Night m. Tina Ottosen 2022

‘Til You Can’t

Back on Monday

Træf m. Inge Vestergård 2021

Drivin’ my life away

Bone Dry

Ønskedans – Årsdansene 2021-2022


Træf m. Niels Poulsen 2020

She Cares

Pick Up Your Phone


Rolling Stone


Teknik og hyggeeftermiddag m. Niels Poulsen 2020

In Love With Me

Pick up the Phone

How Wonderful

Shouting to the Monsters

Begynder Hygge Aften 2020


I’m All Out Of Salt

Country Night m. Annette Stage Burkarl 2020

The Bull

You Look Good In My Shirt

Turning Tables

Træf m. Niels Poulsen 2019

Cooler Than Cool

Stay With Me

Half Past Tipsy

Sinding Weekendtur 2019

Yvonna: Naughty But Nice og Heaven Sent

Lisbeth: Half a Shot of Tequila

Inge: Baby Come Back og Only Human og Circles

Lene: Sunshine ( stepsheet på vej )

Begynder Træf m. Inge Vestergård 2019

New Eyes

Country Night 2018

Tequila Surprise

Who Needs Mexico

Pizzadans 29/12-2018

Graffiti Baby


Træf m. Vibeke Thers 27/10-2018

Right Now

No Promises – Easy

Out of Our Heads

Begynder Træf m. Inge Vestergård 2018

Waiting for the Summer – Easy

Born to Love

On the Loose

Begynder Hygge Aften 2018

Sweet Hurt From You


Country Night 2018

I Won’t Back Down

No Panic

Træf m. Vibeke Thers 28/10-2017

A Complete Change

Nothing Ever Hurt Like You – Easy

Summer Sway

Træf m. Inger H. Andersen & Niels Poulsen 13/5-2017

True Believer

In The Cheap Seats

Kissing Strangers

Funk It Up

Begynder Hygge Aften 3/2-2017

Don’t Look For Love

Pink Champagne – Easy

Country Night 20/1-2017

Any Other Way


Juleafslutning 8/12-2016

Christmas Time

Beg./Letøvet Træf m. Niels Poulsen 5/11-2016

Vegas Baby

Rocket to the Sun

My Middle Name

Træf m. Simon Ward og Niels Poulsen 11/6-2016

I Know A Guy

Harden Up Princess

Walk Of Shame

Maybe Tomorrow

The Queen

Hyggedans i Sunds 3/4-2016

Well Do Ya?  – Kim Ray

Tougher Than That  – Dee Musk

Under the Moon of Love  – Rachel McEnaney-White

Try Everything  – Lynn Card

Begynder Træf 12/3-2016

Stop Staring At My Eyes  Video

3 AM  Video

Improver Night 22/1-2016
Sugar Cube  Video
The Bite  Video  
Country & High Heels  Video

Juleafslutning 10/12-2015
Everything to Us Video