Hold 2 sæson 2015/16

24, Those Russians, Easy Intermediate, Niels Poulsen,Boney M,2.5.16,

23,Keeping My Cool, Easy Intermediate, Malene Jakobsen, Keep My Cool,25.4.16,

22, Love 2 Dance, Easy Intermediate, Simon Ward & Niels Poulsen,Rain over Me’,18.4.16,

21, Well Do Ya?, Improver,Kim Ray,Do You Love Me?,4.4.16,

20, Stitches, Improver, Amy Glass, Stitches, 21.03.16,

19,Making History,Improver, Craig Bennet & Dee Musk & Simon Ward,History,7.3.16,

18,Makin’ Waves,Intermediate, Robbie McGowan Hickie, Pontoon,22.2.16,

17, Soldiers of Love, Easy Int.,Lene Mainz Pederse, Lighthouse X, 8.2.16,

16,Sugar Cube,Improver, John Ng & Sobrielo Philip Gene,Sugar,8.2.16,

15,Country & High Heels,Improver,Fransien Sittrop,Country Ain’t Never Been Pretty,25.1.16,

14,Big Blue Tree,Beginner,Ria Vos, Big Blue Tree,11.1.16,

13, Lay Low, Improver, Darren Bailey, Lay Low, 4.1.16,

12,Southern Delight,Improver,Rossella Corsi-Lord & Fred Lord,Levantando Las Manos,7.12.15,

11,Imagine All the People,Improver, Birthe Tygesen, Imagine,23.11.15,

10,Hey Boy, Improver,Thomas Malmgren, Hey Boy, 16.11.15,Video

9,Better When I’m Dancin’,Int.,Julia Wetzel,Better When I’m Dancin’,9.11.15,Video

8,Hearts and Flowers,Beginner,Adrian Churm,Hearts and Flowers,26.10.15,Video

7,Kill.the.Spiders,Int.,Gaye Teather,You Need A Man Around Here,19.10.15,

6,The.Revolution,Improver,Anette Starup,Written in Scars,5-10-15,

5,The Bomp,Improver,Kim Ray,Who Put the Bomp,14-9-15,Video

4,It Feels Like Rock’n Roll,Beginner,Maria Maag,Feels Like Rock’n Roll,7-9-15,

3,Far From the Charts,Easy Int.,Niels Poulsen,Far.From.The.Charts,31-8-15,Video

2,Tell the World,Improver,Robbie.McGowan.Hickie,Tell The World,31-8-15,

1,Don’t Fit In,Improver,Jannie Tofte,Everybody’s Got Somebody But Me, 24-8-15,